Yoga with Amy Lee Flower



Stretch, breathe, relax, and revive.
Join Amy Lee Flower for yoga at the Tennis Tea.  

*Please bring your own mat and props.

Traditional / Kripalu Style Yoga class is to serve each student`s needs. A sequence of breath awareness, yoga flow movement to strengthen, and a sense of deeper connection to self and one another in the group. An opportunity to recharge the body, breath, and mind. A great experience to shift to a higher state of relaxation. This class is suitable for all levels of practitioners from beginner to advanced. Each class will offer options to make it more challenging or more modified appropriately to support all body types. 

8:00 am at the Tennis Tea on:
Sunday May 29
Sunday June 5
Sunday June 12
Sunday July 10
Sunday July 17
Sunday July 31
Sunday August 7
Sunday August 21
Sunday September 4
Final class TBA

Amy Lee Flower (McMahon) has a multifaceted approach to creating unique yoga and meditation programs that help children, teens, women, & families. In 2015, she became a trauma-informed Kripalu Yoga and Mindfulness teacher. She is the founder of Shanti Students, a program that brings yoga, meditation and mindfulness into 30+ schools throughout the country.

During the Pandemic, Amy co-founded Mindful Minute – a platform offering free one minute meditations for effective transformation. Amy is very passionate about the process of self discovery through self-love and mindfulness practices. She empowers her students to trust the process of life, to learn how to experience the beauty of every moment that arises and how to allow the light within to shine brighter. She has created and led over 10,000+ hours

of mindfulness programs, workshops, assemblies, after-school programs, and self-love retreats helping over 20,000 people of all ages.

Amy began exploring the practice of yoga and meditation at the age of 14. During her childhood and adolescent years she endured great suffering and trauma. From her mindfulness practice, there was an awakening of her heart. Shortly after she began her practice, she and others noticed a significant difference in her mental, physical, and emotional health. When Amy chose to become a teacher of this great work, her intention was to bring these transformative practices to the masses. She is known for her vibrant outlook on life, her illuminating wisdom, and her very happy grateful heart. Amy is continuously studying and learning, creating new workshops and classes to connect with both adults and children.

Being present with her students fuels her inspiration and seeing the growth through their practice individually and as a whole is the greatest gift of all. Amy is passionate about living a prosperous life using the tools of yoga, meditation, breath-work, journaling, self-reflection, inner-child loving, movement, painting, writing poetry, eating plant-based whole foods and practicing self care. She is mindfully connected to each passing moment of the day. Amy always remembers to stop and smell the flowers and smile at the sun. She looks forward to the Opportunity to share the golden gifts of yoga, meditation and self-nourishment to all.