Junior Tennis Instruction

Our Junior Program follows a consistent, scientifically proven structure. The 10 & Under method uses child development theory to determine instruction language, behavior management, reward systems, and age-appropriate drills and games. Our priority is for the kids to have fun while developing the skills to become competitive tennis players.

It’s an active, engaged system focused on rally-based lessons. Players rally with each other while the tennis professionals constantly monitor, give feedback, and encourage players positively.

Players over 10 years old will refine their technique and focus on match play to develop their game style and understand tennis strategy and competition.

Red Robins (Ages 3 & 4)
Little ones just beginning to get a feel for racquets, following the ball, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Foam balls, 19″ racquets.

Red Raider (Ages 5 to 8)
Entry-level beginners to advanced beginners, build and develop hand/eye skills, agility, and balance. Loads of fun! Foam and red balls, 19″-23″ racquets, 36′ court.

Orange Crush (Ages 9 to 10)
Advanced beginners, intermediates, and juniors who have begun instruction but are not yet playing full sets. Orange balls, 60′ court, 23″-25″ racquets.

Green Hornets (Ages 11 to 12)
Intermediate players with match skills, juniors with previous instruction entering competition mode. Green-dot balls, 78′ court, 26″-27″ racquets.

ATP1 – Advanced Training Program 1 (Ages 12 & up)
Intermediate to advanced level, juniors with lesson experience and some competition. Green & Yellow balls, 78′ court, and 27″ racquets.

ATP2 – Advanced Training program 2 (Ages 14 & Up)
High intermediate to advanced level, juniors with lesson experience playing matches. Yellow balls, 78′ court, and 27″ racquets.

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Available for all ages and abilities.  
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