Quaker Friends



While the Buck Hill Community welcomes all backgrounds, religions, and spiritualities, we have a rich, historic Quaker tradition in our past.

Also known as The Society of Friends, Quakers founded Buck Hill Falls in 1901. They saw its idyllic natural environment as a perfect setting for their spiritual practices. Over the past hundred years, Friends have shared Sunday morning worship at Buck Hill during the summer months, first at the Inn, then in various locales around the community. Most recently, Buck Hillers have enjoyed worship in the beautiful outdoor settings our community provides.

Today only a few Quakers reside at Buck Hill. However, modern practices such as meditation and mindfulness are closely related to traditional Quaker worship, and are shared freely throughout our friendly community.

Whatever your faith or practice, we invite you to join us for our summer Sunday morning meeting for worship. You may choose to  spend this half hour in unprogrammed silent worship, meditation, or simply introspection. After all, who among us would not benefit from 30 minutes of quiet contemplation of the beautiful landscape at Buck Hill?