Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowling is a wildly popular, fun family sport with a long history at Buck Hill Falls. 
We host lessons, tournaments, special events, and a weekly lawn bowling social. Adults and children flock to play, socialize, compete, and enjoy the intergenerational excitement.

Membership in the Lawn Bowling Club includes lessons, practice sessions, and club tournament play.



Over the years, Buck Hill Falls has garnered national and international attention for our pristine lawn bowling facilities.

In 1931, Buck Hill’s first lawn bowling green was installed in a former tennis court area. It was an immediate success, and the green was enlarged to regulation size in 1932. The Buck Hill Breeze community newsletter announced, “The first tournament of Bowling on the Green ever staged anywhere in the Poconos got underway today with almost forty entrants.” Lawn bowling fans flocked to the sport, and four more four rinks on the lower green were opened in 1939.

Celebrity bowlers arrived in the 1940s, notably Walt Disney and William “Bill” Hay of Amos ‘n Andy fame. Bill Hay was a past president of the International Bowling Board and an Honorary Life President of the ALBA. He lent his vocal talent as Buck Hill Falls’ announcer nearly a decade.

In 1945 the new green was enlarged to regulation size. It was dedicated as the Wilson Green in memory of “Uncle Clarkson,”  a pillar of the early Quaker community, a man of great charm and warmth who was instrumental in bringing lawn bowling to Buck Hill Falls.