Games & Leisure

Buck Hill Book Club
The Buck Hill Falls Book Club began early in the 21st century and currently has over 30 participants. Each year, our first meeting is held around Memorial Day to decide what four books to read for the summer and to schedule meeting dates. Our goal is to choose books that will offer perspectives that might be missed as solitary readers.

Tennis_Ball_1Bridge and Canasta
Bridge has been meeting every Tuesday for more than 85 years in Buck Hill. Players from within the community and the surrounding area get together for a friendly, competitive game.

Canasta is a fun social card game, similar to Rummy, offered in Buck Hill. We meet weekly in summer.

Mah Jongg
Mah Jongg arrived in Buck Hill in 2009 and now boasts a roster of more than 30 regular players. The game has a bit of a learning curve, but once mastered, Mah Jongg is intellectually stimulating and a lot of fun. We have participants of varying abilities, so everyone can join in and enjoy playing.

Lots More
Board games and gaming tables are available in the Paiste Pond Chalet.