Fitness & Wellness

Fitness_1Fitness CenterThe Paiste Pond Chalet offers a fully-equipped fitness center with equipment to fit all your indoor workout needs. The gym offers step machines, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and treadmills for low-impact cardio as well as core machines, yoga balls, and free weights for toning, defining, and building muscle.

Barre ClassFun and challenging, community members enjoy barre class in summers. This hybrid workout class combines ballet and elements of Pilates, dance, yoga, and strength training for community members.
yoga-class-YogaYoga classes for all levels are held during the summer season. Low-impact and professionally led, yoga has proven health and wellness benefits, including strength, flexibility, and stress reduction.

Sunday Mornings

Modern practices such as meditation and mindfulness are closely related to the traditional worship of Buck Hills' Quaker founders, and are shared freely throughout our friendly community.

Whatever your faith or practice, we invite you to join us for our summer Sunday morning meeting for worship. You may choose to  spend this half hour in unprogrammed silent worship, meditation, or simply introspection. After all, who among us would not benefit from 30 minutes of quiet contemplation of the beautiful landscape at Buck Hill?